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EARTH HEART is a love story, wilderness adventure and profound discovery


NOVEL STORY LINE After college Dillan felt the uncertain weight of the world to identify his future, but an impromptu hiking trip deep into a Wyoming wilderness with his girlfriend Kate and German Shepherd Jake led to the discovery of an extraordinary hidden treasure that transformed the direction and purpose of his life.

When mirages of dancing shadows began to appear at the edge of fields and on the top of distant ridges, Dillan was not surprised when they stopped for gas on their way to the wilderness and an elderly Native American man sitting outside the station laughed as Dillan walked by and asked, “Earth Mother guiding you?”

The man pointed to Dillan’s Jeep where a red-tail hawk sat perched on the roof. They did not know it at the time, but the shadow dancers, the hawk and that simple question served as catalysts for a seemingly impossible summertime adventure that created and restored balance in ways Dillan never could have imagined.

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About EARTH HEART Author – Mitchell Caldwell

profilepicmc11.10.19The Earth Heart novel is the culmination of a lifetime of stoke. Mitch Caldwell chose an interesting life that serves him perfectly for creating the kind of novel humanity will embrace as an icon of story and stoke. Mitch is a proponent of the notion that sometimes only time and experience can deliver the vision and perspective necessary to bring story to life.

He spent the first 20 years of his life on his family’s farm in Oregon with thousands of acres of cropland and hundreds of head of livestock. He pulled calves from Black Angus mother cows that struggled giving birth for the first time. He witnessed countless sunrises and sunsets from the fields and pastures and learned to appreciate the tenderness of such moments. The adventures one has growing up with two older brothers and two older sisters on a massive family farm way out west are simply extraordinary.

Mitch grew up racing motocross and eventually as a local Northwest professional. He was fortunate enough to line up to race next to Jeremy McGrath at a 125cc U.S. Professional Motocross National six weeks after graduating from college, breaking his leg and sawing off his cast early in time for the race.

When snowboarding and mountain biking were invented in the 80’s he was “all-in” and had the very first production mountain bikes and snowboards. In fact, Mitch tested the first early prototype snowboards for a large snowboard manufacturer in high school.

With moto injuries mounting Mitch went to the University of Oregon for degrees in journalism, economics and philosophy – and a minor in literature.

Mitch spent five years writing in the creative department of a national advertising and marketing communications agency in Portland, Oregon where he focused on Fortune 500 clients such as Intel, Hewlett-Packard and Mercedes-Benz.

He then spent 15 years at IBM running corporate communications for IBM’s $20B data center business, doing all of it remotely from Bend, Oregon.

Mitch wrote and published the novel, EARTH HEART, because the world can always use more of an inspiring and heartwarming love story, wilderness adventure and profound discovery.

What Mitch is most proud of in life is his wife and their 26-year marriage. He believes his wife is the ambassador for all that is good in this world. Next are his two extraordinary sons who’ve ridden motocross race bikes, snowboards and mountain bikes since they were three-four years old.  His family continues to teach Mitch what is most dear in his heart.

From 70’s motocross, 80’s mountain biking, and 80’s snowboarding to today – Mitch and his family are chasing gravity and balancing the demands of modern life. They still ride a bike or a board together as a family most every week. And that is the essence of sucking the marrow out of life, by bringing it deeply into life while balancing family, career, school, dreams etc.

Mitch believes the world is in need of the Earth Heart story. It will define how a generation perceives our planet.

As Mitch would say to new readers, “Lines develop in life and I advocate for those with a close family, great step-ups, deep powder, long downhills and a healthy planet – and it makes all the difference. Lean it right over there and come join us at the fire.”